Due to the coronavirus outbreak the Summer Handicap series is suspended for the time being.
Why not have a go at our virtual handicap.

Summer handicap dates 2020

  • Wednesday 1 April (this race starts at 7.15pm)
  • Wednesday 6 May
  • Wednesday 3 June
  • Wednesday 1 July
  • Wednesday 5 August
  • Wednesday 2 September

Note: The race on 1 April starts at 7.15, assemble at the start point at 7pm.

About the handicap series

A series of 6 races per season over a designated 5 Kilometre course.
The Summer Handicapper calculates handicaps and publishes results separately for men and for women. Basic points are awarded in each race according to finishing position, eg 200 points to the first man, 199 points for the second and so on. Similarly the first woman is awarded 200 points, the second 199 points and so on.

Additional points (Bonus Points) are awarded for Personal Best performances in a race, provided that the member has completed 5 previous races over the same course. If all 6 races are completed in a season the 5 best points scores count towards the total.

All paid up members are eligible to compete, score points and win awards. Guest runners or lapsed members may compete, but do not score points or win awards.

All participants are given a barcoded tag at the first race which they keep for the whole season, returning it after the last race. The barcoded tag is needed to record thee finishing position in each race.

How do I get a handicap time?

If you competed in a Club handicap race last season the handicapper will have worked out a handicap time for you. If you are new to the series then you will be invited to suggest a realistic time for the course, and a suitable start time will be allocated.

Where do we meet?

Park and change at the Jag Club as usual. Allow time to get to the start which is at the bollards mid way along Butt Lane. Go for a warm-up jog by all means but then you’ll miss the club announcements. Make sure you get to the start in time for your start time, and listen out for the starter to call your name.
A list of start times is available at the start. If you miss your start time then you’ll end up with a disadvantageous result.

What about the route?

The route starts at the bollards mid way along Butt Lane, proceeds along Butt Lane, turns left into Staircase Lane, follows Staircase Lane and turns left when it reaches Coundon Wedge Drive. Remain on the pavement all the way along Coundon Wedge Drive, crossing Lyons Drive at the roundabout by staying on the pavement until the crossing place is reached.
handicap map
Stay on the pavement – DO NOT SHORT CUT BY RUNNING ON THE ROAD. Refer to the map.

The route continues down Coundon Wedge Drive, turns left into Wall Hill Road, continues along Hawkes Mill Lane, turns left into Browns Lane, and finally left into Butt Lane. The finish is at the bollards.

What happens at the finish?

There is a finishing funnel where you are required to present your barcoded tag for scanning. Stay in your finishing order and make sure you present your tag. If you don’t have a tag we can’t record your finishing position. The handicapper will calculate the results, which will be posted on the club website a week or so later.

Are there any prizes?

There is a £5 prize voucher for the first male and for the first female in each race, and a prize for the male and female series winners. Prizes are presented at the annual Awards Evening.

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